Techniques that fail.... and succeed!

May 01, 2017

Techniques that fail.... and succeed!

Sometimes you can look at a technique (well at least we can) and go, "Oh!  I have the greatest idea for this!" You try it and well........ it just doesn't turn out like you hoped.  We went to a while back and tried a technique called, "Die Cut Masking." The card didn't come out quite the way we hoped.  We used painters tape to die cut the dragonfly and adhered it to the card.  Then, we watercolored it.  We peeled the tape off the card and (I hope you can see it) discovered some bleeding of color UNDER the tape.  While this is still a great card, this is NOT how we envisioned it to be!  The card below, is EXACTLY how this technique should be used!

Notice how the pattern seems to go UNDER the 4 and on top of the 8?  THAT is what we were trying to do!  We sponged the color on top of the painters tape for the background coloring, removed the tape on the 8 then stamped.  AH, yes!  Perfect! You can order this card online with whatever age you want on it.  While we do NOT believe the dragonfly card is good enough for sale, we will sell it.  Please email us, if interested. We would sell the dragonfly card for $3.00

Trying new techniques is FUN!  Watch this blog for more ideas, new techniques and more!

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